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100 Days of Homelab [Day3]


Day 3 Was a LONG Day. With the help of my fellow homelabbers in discord we were able to makesure my github pages were running on https://www.hyperionmedia.us Then after a few hours Jekyll was setup locally to be able to edit the content.

I would like to run my own email server, but after talking with others, the typical issues preventing this (ISP's Block the ports needed 90% of the time) I decided to utilize CloudFlares email forwarding service and created my [email protected] email when you can now email. This is routed through to my gmail account.

Perhaps later on during the challenge we can revisit that part of my To-Do List and see if we can improve it.

  • [COMPLETE] Setup/Establish github pages for hyperionmedia.us
  • [COMPLETE] Setup and Learn Jekyll Static Site following @technotim's Latest Video
  • [COMPLETE] Research/Setup hyperionmedia.us email server

Potential Day 4 Timeline

  • Practice/Learn Jekyl by utilizing VSCode to input some post into the website
  • Enter All previous Post for the 100 Days of Homelab Challenge
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