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100 Days of Homelab [Day5]


So as a Vampire (I work 11pm - 7am) I dont see much sunlight. Just like the past few days since technotim created his 100DaysofHomeLab challenge, i've woken up and ran to work on some task/project for the day. I must say its really awesome seeing everyone embracing this.

I've never been one for the social media platforms as well, and I must say, I hopped on to update some images and I saw people were following me and liking my tweets etc. I kinda got a fuzzy feelin', not gonna lie. Anyway todays list is below! Lets rock this joint!

  • [IN-PROGRESS] Publish Jekyll out to github and get the website actually filled with content instead of placeholder text.
  • [IN-PROGRESS] Figure out if theres some type of addon for an image gallery type solution for Jekyll. I'm more interested in just an image repository for link to post, etc.

Potential Day 6 Timeline

  • Start researching Reverse Proxies for the homelab.Enter All previous Post for the 100 Days of Homelab Challenge
  • Start building my new desk with the 6 foot butcher block counter top.
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