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100 Days of Homelab [Day6]


Well i've managed to get the daily blog running for #100DaysofHomelab, so this is awesome. I've also added a “stickied” post to try the idea out.

The idea is to replace my PostIt's I virtually have all over my desk with a single location I can track everything. Hopefully its a good idea.

Also i've found Geoff Greer's repo for jekyll-gallery-generator i'm going to attempt to merge into my Jekyll and see if I can get it running but I need to learn how to do this with github and not break everything. Going to hitup iLude a fellow TechnoTim's Discord member and see if he can show me the ropes.

  • [COMPLETE] Publish Jekyll out to github and get the website actually filled with content instead of placeholder text.
  • [IN-PROGRESS] Found an Image Gallery Plugin for Jekyll I like. Now i've got to get it working with my site. I have a feeling I'm going to break many things today.

Potential Day 7 Timeline

  • Continue with the image gallery work for the Jekyll site
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