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100 Days of Homelab [Day7]


With the help of iLude, jacobs, projectdp and Thunderfoot from TechnoTim's i've managed to integrate ggreer's jekyll-gallery-generator into my jekyll-chirpy setup. To be honest, I was scarred but it was a rather painless process.

  • [COMPLETE] Implement ggreer's gallery into the Jekyll-Chirpy theme.
  • [IN-PROGRESS] Figure out how to add in a 'Image Vault' Navigation Tab to the SideBar within Chirpy. WE have a team of people sitting in discord with me trying to figure this out.

Potential Day 8 Timeline

  • Figure out how to add the Vault tab to my navigation pane on the Jekyll-Chirpy theme
  • Build my new desk from the 6' Butcher Block Counter Top I recently purchased
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