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100 Days of Homelab [Day14]

DAY 14

CPU for the R220 was delivered today. Eventually once I've completed my desk setup, I'll finally get around to installing all the new parts into the r220.

  • [INPROGRESS] Install 32gb RAM into the new r220.
  • [INPROGRESS] Install CPU into the new r220.
  • [INPROGRESS] Replace Dell r210ii with Dell r220.

Potential Day 14 Timeline

  • Fix the template issues causing the /vault/index.html file so its correct and not blanks.
  • Update all firmware on the newly delivered Dell r220 in preerations for migrating r210ii Proxmox install with OPNSense and Pi-Hole to it.
  • Install 32gb RAM intot he r220
  • Install CPU into the new r220.
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