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100 Days of Homelab [Day31]

DAY 31

Yesterday/Today I actually got some stuff done. Wrapped the old desk in the Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrap and got it in place next to the new desk. Waiting on the 2 new monitors to get here this week, then I'll move the dual-monitor mount to the old desk and install the tri-monitor on the new wood desk.

Next to-do was the r220 upgrades. FINALLY opened the box and pulled it out. It came with rails AND the faceplace. Really clean, no dust bunnies or anything. I did clean it just to make sure there was no residual dust. Installed the (4) 8gb sticks of ram, and the Xeon E3-1231v3 CPU. Yes i know the CPU is overkill for an Proxmox/OPNSense/PiHole setup. but it was cheap and I'm not to worried about power consumption.

The only caveat is it did not come with the iDrac module. Found one on ebay for $45. Offered 35 and the seller auto-accepted. I hate when that happenes, because you think, could I of gone lower? Would it of auto-accepted also. LOL. So that will be here around Friday as well and then the process of moving from the r210ii to the r220 will continue.

Added a few pics below from my partialy confied image gallery. Still working on this regarding the Theme used within Jekyll. Included a pick of my rack and why i went with Carbon Fiber Vinyl wrap as my Dell Poweredge Faceplades were wrapped in them alon giwth the filler panels I made to fill the gaps.

  • [COMPLETE] Install 32gb RAM into the new r220.
  • [COMPLETE] Install CPU into the new r220.
  • [INPROGRESS] Replace Dell r210ii with Dell r220.
  • [COMPLETE] Wrap old computer desk in the Vinyl Carbon Fiber Wrap
  • [INPROGRESS] Pictures for Craigslist/Reddit Sales Threads

img-description Vinyl Wrapped Desk

img-description Dell r220 Upgrades

img-description theRack

Potential Day 32 Timeline

  • Fix the template issues causing the /vault/index.html file so its correct and not blanks
  • Update all firmwares r220
  • Pictures for Craigslist/Reddit Sales Threads
  • Wait for the iDrac Module for the r220 to be delivered
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