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100 Days of Homelab [Day36]

DAY 36

Today was a pretty relaxed day. Finished up mounting the Wire-Management system on the new desk and got all the cables cleaned up.

After that, I proceeded to moving my Linux ISO storage off of the SSD Array so I could add the 4th 500gb SSD. No hickups and finished this off late at night.

Spent a few hours hanging out in TechnoTim's discord offering advice to a few new members looking to purchase their first server etc.

When it comes to homelabbing, my rule of thumb is always, “Start with what you have.” then upgrade as you see fit. Taking the plunge and buying used Enterprise hardware can be a daunting task so take it slow with baby steps is my best advice to anyone looking to start homelabbing.

Sunday I got back to work, but during the day I'm going to try and get my Dual-Monitor mount moved to my old desk and get all my work setup moved over so I can recover the space in my living room. We will see if I can get it done before tomorrow nights shift.

  • [COMPLETE] Install Wire-Management System under desk.
  • [INPROGRESS] REODER 32gb of 12800e RAM for r220
  • [COMPLETE] Add in 4th 500gb Samsung EVO SSD to the Torrent Array
  • [INPROGRESS] Setup Dual-Monitor Mount on old desk for work space with laptop
  • [INPROGRESS] Pictures for Craigslist/Reddit Sales Threads

Potential Day 37 Timeline

  • Fix the template issues causing the /vault/index.html file so its correct and not blanks
  • Setup Dual-Monitor Mount for my work desk
  • Pictures for Craigslist/Reddit Sales Threads
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