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Upgrades - Upgrade Path for a Fellow Discord Member

Potential Upgrades for populousmocha

Talking with populousmocha on Discord and he's using some outdated gear. Told him I would research him an upgrade path that would meet his budget, give him more efficient power and expandability down the road. So below you will see what I've suggested for him

He initially stated a budget of around $700, but I think we can smoke that and get it way down and save his pocket book.


Price Break Down

Essentials: +/- $397 Server + CPU's + Boot SSD's + DVD SwapKit + 4 2.5" Caddys
Optional Server Upgrades: +/- $320 for VM Storage SSD's in a raidz1 and 4 more 2.5" Caddys
Optional Storage Upgrades: +/- $550 for 45tb Storage

My Thoughts

The idea behind this is the utilize the readily available r720 sff chassis's that are scattered everywhere on ebay for the sdd 2.5 bays to carry the SSD's for VM/Higher Speed Storage and then down the road add on an External HBA flashed in IT Mode to add to the FileServer VM and have the ability to start adding 3.5" hdd's

The vm storage ssd and hdd models chosen would of course be whatever the best price per tb at the time is.

Hopefully this helps populousmocha or anyone who is looking for a potential upgrade.

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